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Providing collective farms and state farms with a necessary manpower and their rational use are important conditions of an intensification agricultural and increases in production of agricultural production.

One of methods of the analysis and generalization of dynamic ranks is identification of its main tendencies. In statistical practice identification of the main tendencies of development of the phenomena is made in three ways:

Necessary turn – the number of the left workers for the reasons of production or nation-wide character connected with increase or reduction of volume of production work, conscription, revenues to study.

growth rate is equal to the relation of two compared levels, i.e. the relation of each subsequent level to previous or to the initial. Growth rate speaks about that, how many percent the compared level in relation to the level taken for base makes or in how many of times the compared level is more than a level taken for base.

It is necessary to tell that if labor activity in economy very high, it does not mean yet that labor productivity will increase, or at least to remain at the approximate identical level. Productivity can go down that we also observe in collective farm of Pliyev.

which shows in what degree the variation of a productive sign (At) is caused by a variation of a factorial sign (x). But as the coefficient of determination gives more concrete characteristic of narrowness of communication, and communication in our example actually is absent, sense to count it is not present.

The statistics defines absolute and relative measures of the movement of workers on reception and dismissal: number taken for the reporting period on sources – a turnover of reception; number discharged from office for the reporting period for the reasons – a turnover of dismissal.

A dynamic row – a number of the statistics characterizing development of the phenomena in time. Dynamic ranks happen two types: moment and interval. Moment levels belong to a certain timepoint. Interval treat a certain interval of time.

So, existence of a manpower in collective farm – very hot topic. Though in process of a production intensification more and more works it is carried out by mechanisms, but these mechanisms the qualified manpower has to operate. People are the main productive force, especially farms, where the low level of mechanization.

Rational use of a manpower means high extent of participation of able-bodied population in social activities, full and effective use of fund of working hours in public economy.

If levels of dynamics change on average with approximately identical pure gains (or decrease), i.e. levels of dynamics change in proportion to time, such dynamic row is modelled by Yt straight line equation = a + bt,

Due to the intensification of a social production and increase of its efficiency there are problems of active introduction of the scientific organization of work, more rational use of working hours, reduction of its unproductive expenses and losses due to organizational, technological and social actions.

More exact unit of measure of the time fulfilled and not fulfilled within the working day. Hours of the actual work, – various losses of time during working hours are considered as unfinished man-hours as the fulfilled man-hours (idle times, delay, etc.).

The main ways of reduction of turnover of staff in agriculture the following: improvement of the working conditions and life working, providing high efficiency of work and professional development of shots; improvement of level of cultural and community service; improvement of compensation and its rationing. Also fight against fluidity requires strengthening of material and moral encouragement.

At feedback the increase in a factorial sign (x) involves on average decrease in a productive sign (at). At variable communication: communication in a certain interval can be a straight line, in other interval - the return.

Efficiency of labor expenses is expressed in labor productivity – ability of concrete live work to make in unit of time a certain quantity of production. One of the indicators influencing labor productivity is labor activity since the person works more, the it respectively makes production more.