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It was not casual delimitation of Association – Muscovites and Petersburgers. It did not return peredvizhniki to organizational structure, the developed structure at emergence of Association at all. Then the artists living and working in the different cities despite distinction of their individual bents and schools which they represented, the general to all of them united ideological views of essence of art, the general all understanding of character and the purposes of the organization created by them. Now, on the contrary, lack of similar unanimity of views predetermined delimitation on a territorial sign. "2

It was hard for senior generation of peredvizhniki to reconcile to this fact. At this time protocols of general meetings dazzle with various circulars and resolutions limiting possibilities of exhibitors.

The problem of partial split of the mobile organization investigated in work revealed a variety of reasons, among which: lack of uniform views of art development, existence of different generations and the conflict between them, different ideological and art positions, etc. Vsek is weakened organizational integrity of Association a little and affected his further life.

"When Vasnetsov and Polenov objected to expansion of Association in due time, they protested against inclusion in its structure of masters, which creativity was alien to democratism of peredvizhniki. Now objections accept character of a protest against artists which creativity at the heart of the keeping and developing ideological precepts of Peredvizhniki movement, at the same time is new system of vision of the world".1

On stories of Peredvizhniki movement there is a huge number of sources, literatures of memoirs, monographic and research character. Literature which helped to develop specifics of a subject of creation and activity of Association of mobile art exhibitions is listed in the bibliography.

This exhibition had huge historical value. Here the ideological and creative declaration was published. She stated commitment to democratic ideals of the past and planned ways of further development of realistic art.

For many young artists during this period the aspiration to cooperation not only with the mobile organization is characteristic. The benefit that in domestic art appears now currents, slightly different on the ideological and creative programs. ("World of art" and friend.