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In Cyprus in 90% of cottages, many hotels and apartment houses of a problem of heat supply and hot water supply decide at the expense of solar water heaters. In Israel the share of the dwellings which are provided with solar energy is close to 65%. In other countries purposeful use of solar energy is not great yet, but different production of solar collectors intensively increases. In the USA thousands of similar systems though they so far only provide 0,5% of hot water supply now work.

Heating systems of passive type are simpler. Circulation of heat carriers is carried out as a result of convection currents here: heated air or water rise up, and their place is taken by more cooled heat carriers. The room with the extensive windows turned to the sun can be an example of such system, and the good insulating properties of materials capable is long to keep heat. For reduction of an overheat in the afternoon and thermolyses are used curtains, blinds, peaks and other defensors at night. In this case the problem of the most rational use of solar energy is solved through the correct design of buildings. Some rise in price of construction is blocked by effect of use of cheap and ideally net energy.

The ecology is considered as science and a subject matter which is urged to study relationship of organisms and Wednesday in all their variety. Thus under Wednesday it is understood not only the world of inanimate nature, and and influence of one organisms or their communities on other organisms and communities.

It is important to emphasize such two-way communication because this fundamental situation often does not douchityvatsya: the ecology is reduced only to influence of the environment on organisms. The inaccuracy of such provisions is obvious as organisms created the modern environment. They possess a paramount role in neutralization of those influences on Wednesday which happened and occur for various reasons.

withdrawal of considerable volumes of waters from various sources and Sh dumping of the warmed-up waters. If these waters get to the rivers and other sources, in them oxygen loss is observed, the probability of blossoming increases, the phenomena of a thermal stress at hydrobionts increase;

Partial destruction of ecosystems and their elements (vegetation,, a concern factor for animals, intensive trade, etc. Influence on the person generally through change of the environment and social factors

Along with ecological education the essential attention is paid to ecological education which careful attitude to the nature, cultural heritage, the social benefits contacts. Without serious all-ecological education the solution of this task is also very problematic.

what possibilities of energy production at the expense of alternative (nonconventional) resources, such as energy of the sun, a wind, thermal waters and other sources which belong to inexhaustible and environmentally friendly.

Destruction and damage of ecosystems to places of production and at arrangement of fields (the road, power lines, water supply systems, etc.), pollution at leaks and accidents, efficiency loss, deterioration

Destruction of ecosystems or their elements, especially at open ways of production, decrease in efficiency, impact on a biota and the person through the polluted air, waters and food. High degree of incidence, traumatism and mortality at mine ways of production

Possibilities of economy of energy in life and on production due to improvement of insulating properties of buildings are not less significant. Replacement of glow lamps with efficiency gives real economy of energy about 5% in fluorescent, which efficiency are several times higher.

Catching of solar energy by means of various type of collectors is most widespread. In the elementary look it is dark color of a surface for catching of heat and the adaptation for its accumulation and deduction. Both blocks can represent a whole. Collectors are located in the transparent camera which operates by the principle of a hotbed. There are also devices for energy dispersion reduction (good isolation) and its assignments, for example, streams of air or water.