Diversity Is Being Invited To Work For You

It's back to write a character sketch

In this regard it is easy to state the following thesis: mass media not simply inform the person, but also create certain realities in which immerse him. Within similar, almost virtual realities consciously, but are unconsciously programmed not only experiences, but also his thoughts, attitude more often.

) Let's consider in more detail as mass media can influence society. Rozin. Century M., in my opinion, well described the mass media function and how they have impact on society. 1 "The analysis shows that in the modern world of mass media carry out three main functions: inform the person, express (show) positions of certain social subjects, carry out this or that ideological impact on consciousness. Though long ago it is shown that it not so, often functions of the press and mass media are reduced only to the first, claim that the main thing – to show the facts, objective information more than anything.