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e. Expenses on maintenance, maintenance of buildings, constructions, rooms and stock: contributions to repair fund on repair of buildings, constructions, mechanisms, the equipment and stock and payment of accounts of the third-party organizations for the performed works on maintenance.

addresses. The analytical account gives the detailed characteristic of expenses under articles that is necessary for operational management and control, and also implementation of actions for reduction of distribution costs, to strengthening of the mode of economy and increase of profitability.

Material inputs, i.e. the expenses which are directly connected with production (works, to an usl; the expenses connected with use of natural raw materials; costs of preparation and development of natural production; the expenses of non-capital character connected with improvement of technology and the organization of production; costs of service production rake; expenses on providing normal working conditions and safety measures; etc.

The outlets which are on independent balance keep analytical and synthetic account of distribution costs independently. Thus, expenses under separate articles are reflected in the grouping sheet.