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- comprehensive and uninterrupted material, technical, medical, veterinary, trade household, room, financial and to other types of ensuring combat training of part and the events held according to plans of the senior commanders (the chief;

In winter conditions of one of important problems of engineering support the equipment of points of heating of staff is. For this purpose in parts the property for points of heating from calculation for one on each company and it equal divisions is beforehand prepared.

- check of a state and service of sources and consumers of the electric power (batteries, generators, starters; electric devices, radio stations, instrumentations, power plants and units of food, dielectric means of protection);

For convenience of laying, storage and holiday of appliances and ensuring safety warehouse are equipped with racks, regiments, plank beds, cases, pallets, containers, floorings, tables, means of mechanization and other adaptations for works on care of appliances, their sorting and holiday. Responsibility for storage and saving of appliances in warehouses is assigned to the corresponding chiefs of services, chiefs of warehouses (storages) and storekeepers.

Annual and monthly plans of operation and repair of arms and ammunition of part (connection) are developed by the chief of service rocket arms or the deputy commander on arms (engineering and aviation services of part (connection), subscribe by the chief of a staff and are developed by the chief of service and other equipment

For uninterrupted providing with appliances parts and connections contain stocks of the current supply (allowance) of arms, ammunition, fuel, the food and other appliances.

The chairman and members of the commission who signed the act and also the commander (chief) who approved this act bear responsibility for the wrong conclusion about technical condition of charged-off appliances and about their use after write-off.

The private plans concerning work of one service are developed by the chief of this service and approved as the immediate superior. The plans covering work of several services subordinated to different chiefs, and also plans of works of the divisions connected with attraction of staff are developed by the corresponding deputy commanders of part (connection), are signed by the chief of a staff and are approved as the commander of part (connection).

Combat readiness "Constant" consists in ability of rear parts and divisions at any time orderly to hold all events provided by the mobilization plan. Rear parts and divisions are in points of a constant dislocation.

- given about security of part (connection) with appliances, about a condition kazarmenno of housing stock and other objects of economic, technical and medical appointment, and also objects of educational material resources of combat training;

All parties of economic activity of part on comprehensive and uninterrupted ensuring combat training, material and household and cultural requirements of staff and other actions of practical activities of part connected with work expenses, an expenditure material and in cash, and also with use of transport are reflected in it.